The main goals are:

  • Effective communication in a team operating in a changing environment under time pressure
  • Collective creation and execution of precise plans, while being aware of unforeseeable events
  • Finding a role in a group that reflects your talents, predispositions and responsibilities
  • Stress management
  • Self-diagnosis of strengths and weaknesses

The workshop is dedicated to group from 4 to 25 participants and it’s from 5 to 8 hours long, depending on your needs. Training includes 3 hours of simulation game, run by experienced, certified trainers and a workshop, during which you can draw concusions from the game for practical guides to your daily life at your workplace. Breaks are also included in a schedule.

The beginnings of SCRM

The game was originally designed strictly for flight crews – based on CRM (Crew Resource Management) textbooks, to liven up the traditional form of lecture with a game, that is valuable tool in terms of training.

However, during the work on the game we realised, that its structure is  universal and it can also be used with other teams from various branches, especially for project teams cooperating with each other on a daily basis.

Emotions, that will appear during the game guarantee high commitment and will extend the training effects for much longer. Psychology has also proved that playing games together makes people like each other better – so the gameplay will also have additional integration value.